Businesses Seeking Financing

Have you got difficulties accessing financing? (funds)

 Have you got difficulties structuring your projects?

You want to optimize the costs when it comes to finance your projects?

Looking for financing actors and alternative options?

Businesses seeking a  performance improvement

Do want to increase your company's profitability?

Do you want to improve the cash management of your organization?

Looking for growth?

Do you want to improve your organization?

Private investors, Institutionals and Multinationals

Looking for a pipeline of profitable and well-structured projects?

Technical and strategic support needed?

Looking for opportunities for profitable and liquid investments?

Looking for an entity capable of carrying out due diligences?

Businesses seeking financing 

Services/SIRIUS Solutions

  • Investment readiness Assessment

Our flagship product "Investment Readiness Assessment" helps prepare businesses in order to increase their chance to raise the necessary funds to carry out their project.


  • Structuring & Fundraising

We submit the best financing structure based on your needs. We make full and good use of our outstanding financial partners network such as investment funds, banks, institutional and private investors investing tickets from $ 5M to $ 100M to increase our ability to respond effectively to the needs of our customer base.


  • IPOs and bond issues

We propose you to raise your funds through the financial market of the WAEMU (West African Economic and Monetary Union) by bond or an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Businneses seeking a performance improvment

Services/SIRIUS Solutions

  • Strategic advice on financial efficiency

We set up a model of governance and management that takes into account cost reduction requirements and performance-related goals while ensuring value creation in sustainability.


  • External growth strategy consulting

Sirius Capital assists its clients in achieving their plans for external growth. Our experience in merger and acquisition allows us to mitigate risks related to the transaction and maximize the value from the transaction.


  • Disinvestment and refocusing strategy consulting

We help you to identify the sectors inhibiting the performance of your organization and we support you in your demerger (spin-off / spin-out) and we will guide you during the trimming process of your business to the most profitable segments.



Private investors, multinationals and institutionals

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Services/SIRIUS Solutions

  • Well-structured pipeline projects joint construction

We have access to a database of structured projects, allowing us to assist the investor in the whole process:


- Analysis of the needs and objectives of the investor,

- Targeting of well-structured and profitable projects,

- Due diligence,

- Negotiation with companies and developers,

- Structuring the financing transaction.


We provide our extensive network of companies and promoters.


  • Strategic and technical support

Our knowledge acquired in advising global leaders in their respective fields is at your service.

We advise on  legal, tax, strategic, financial and matters .



  • Structuring of investment funds

Sirius Capital, by its consultants’ expertise, helps you build and structure your investment vehicle.

We also assist in the choice of targeted enterprises and the fund management.



  • Investment and output on stock markets

Our investment expertise in financial markets allows us to make you enjoy the various opportunities offered by the financial market of the WAEMU (West African Economic and Monetary Union)

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