Businesses seeking financing

Our services are structured around questions that correspond to major issues dealt with by many actors in the business world.


Have you got difficulties accessing financing?


Have you got difficulties structuring your projects?


You want to optimize the costs when it comes to finance your projects?


Looking for financing actors and alternative options?

Services/SIRIUS Solutions

  • Investment readiness Assessment

Our flagship product "Investment Readiness Assessment" helps prepare businesses in order to increase their chance to raise the necessary funds to carry out their project.


  • Structuring & Fundraising

We submit the best financing structure based on your needs. We make full and good use of our outstanding financial partners network such as investment funds, banks, institutional and private investors investing tickets from $ 5M to $ 100M to increase our ability to respond effectively to the needs of our customer base.


  • IPOs and bond issues

We propose you to raise your funds through the financial market of the WAEMU (West African Economic and Monetary Union) by bond or an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

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