Businesses seeking a performance improvement

Our services are structured around questions that correspond to major issues dealt with by many actors in the business world.


Do want to increase your company's profitability?


Do you want to improve the cash management of your organization?


Looking for growth?


Do you want to improve your organization?

Services /SIRIUS Solutions

  • Strategic advice on financial efficiency 

We set up a model of governance and management that takes into account cost reduction requirements and performance-related goals while ensuring value creation in sustainability.


  • External growth strategy consulting

Sirius Capital assists its clients in achieving their plans for external growth. Our experience in merger and acquisition allows us to mitigate risks related to the transaction and maximize the value from the transaction.


  • Disinvestment and refocusing strategy consulting

We help you to identify the sectors inhibiting the performance of your organization and we support you in your demerger (spin-off / spin-out) and we will guide you during the trimming process of your business to the most profitable segments.

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